TV Programs

TMN Start-Up

Is a programme that dissects the mindset of an entrepreneur. Interviews with seasoned entrepreneurs who have overcome the startup failure syndrome are regular, thereby providing insight on their life’s lesson and their step by step guide to success.

TMN Finance

This programme elucidates all the financing options available for entrepreneurs in the various stages of their ventures.


This programme focuses on informing and educating entrepreneurs about the current SME policies & events supported by the relevant stakeholders. Interviews with policy makers, captains of industries and entrepreneurs on such issues is also a feature.


  • Without information there can be little chance to raise public confidence, because higher public awareness stimulates the public appetite for investment opportunities.
  • Tuedex Media Network is all about making a difference and our greatest privilege is in contributing our quota in the current economic reform process which is ushering in an environment characterized with abundance economic opportunities within the startup ecosystem.